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Insulation workers apply and repair insulating materials to buildings, boilers, pipes or refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.
Tasks include -
(a) cutting insulation material by size and shape;
(b) applying slabs and sheets of insulating or sound-absorbing materials to walls, floors and ceilings of buildings;
(c) blowing and packing insulating or sound-absorbing materials into cavities between walls, floors and ceilings of buildings with power-driven machines;
(d) examining plans, specifications and work sites to determine the type, quality and quantity of insulation material required;
(e) applying insulating materials to exposed surfaces of equipment such as boilers, pipes and tanks;
(f) insulating refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Acoustic insulation worker
- Boiler and pipe insulation worker
- Insulation installer
- Insulation worker
- Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment insulation worker

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