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villamosság és energia



Electricity and energy is the study of installing, maintaining, repairing and diagnosing faults in electrical wiring and related equipment in domestic, commercial and industrial establishments. Installation and maintenance of overhead and underground electrical power distribution networks is included. Energy is the study of energy generation.
Programmes and qualifications with the following main content are classified here:
Air-conditioning trades
Climate engineering
Electrical appliances repairing
Electrical engineering
Electrical fitting
Electrical power generation
Electrical trades
Energy studies
Gas distribution
Heating trades
Nuclear, hydraulic and thermal energy
Power line installation and maintenance
Power production
Solar power
Wind turbines

=== Inclusions
The study of installing, diagnosing faults in and repairing heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment is included here.

=== Exclusions
Study of vehicle electrical systems is excluded from this detailed field and included in detailed field 0716 'Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft'.


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