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Operai specializzati delle attività tipografiche





Printing trades’ workers compose and set type prior to printing, set up and operate printing presses, bind and finish printed products, and prepare stencils and operate screen printing equipment.
Tasks performed usually include: operating graphic cameras and other photographic equipment to reproduce camera-ready copy onto films, plates and digital output devices; operating computer screen-based equipment for scanning, colour separation and correction, retouching and other processes used to transfer copy to film and produce film for plate, cylinder and digital output productions; setting up, operating and monitoring machines used in typesetting, photographing copy, printing and cutting, folding, collating and binding printed material; performing routine finishing operations and machine maintenance; preparing stencils and operating screen printing equipment.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
7321 Pre-press Technicians
7322 Printers
7323 Print Finishing and Binding Workers

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