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Viešbučių registratoriai





Hotel receptionists welcome and register guests in hotels and other establishments that provide accommodation services. They assign rooms, issue keys, provide information concerning the services provided, make room reservations, keep a record of rooms available for occupancy, present statements of charges to departing guests and receive payment.
Tasks include -
(a) maintaining an inventory of rooms available for occupancy, reservations and room assignments;
(b) registering arriving guests, assigning rooms, verifying customers’ credit and issuing room keys;
(c) providing information regarding hotel services and services available in the community;
(d) providing information about availability of accommodation and making room reservations;
(e) responding to guests’ requests for housekeeping and maintenance services as well as to complaints;
(f) contacting housekeeping or maintenance services when guests report problems;
(g) compiling and checking guest accounts for charges using computerized or manual systems;
(h) receiving and forwarding messages in person or using telephones or telephone switchboards;
(i) reviewing statements of charges to departing guests and receiving payment.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Hotel front desk clerk
- Hotel receptionist

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