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Kalnakasiai ir kasybos įrenginių operatoriai





Miners and quarriers operate plant, machinery and hand tools to extract rocks, mineral ores and other deposits from underground and surface mines and quarries.
Tasks include -
(a) positioning, operating and monitoring the performance of a variety of underground and surface mining equipment including continuous mining, cutting and channelling plant;
(b) setting up and operating drilling equipment in underground and surface mines and quarries;
(c) operating machinery and using hand or power tools to remove loosened rock, ore, coal and other deposits;
(d) preparing, fitting and installing supports in underground workings including rock bolts;
(e) operating machinery to open new shafts, drives, air vents and rises;
(f) operating auxiliary plant such as pumps to expel air, water and mud;
(g) performing minor maintenance and repairs and lubricating and cleaning plant, machines and tools;
(h) completing records detailing operations completed during shifts;
(i) collecting mineral samples for laboratory analysis.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Bogger operator
- Continuous miner operator
- Dragline operator (mining)
- Driller (mining)
- Jumbo operator
- Miner
- Mining plant operator
- Quarrier
- Roof bolter (mining)
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Mining supervisor - 3121
- Blaster - 7542
- Shotfirer - 7542
- Driller (oil or gas well) - 8113
- Mining labourer - 9311
- Quarry labourer - 9311

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