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Verleners van persoonlijke diensten, niet elders geclassificeerd





This unit group covers personal service workers not classified elsewhere in Sub-major Group 51: Personal Services Workers. For instance, those who provide services and companionship as dancing partners, social escorts and night-club hostesses or hosts are classified here.
In such cases tasks would include -
(a) accompanying clients to restaurants and other outings;
(b) acting as a dancing partner;
(c) welcoming clients to a night-club and ensuring that they are entertained well.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Club host
- Club hostess
- Dancing partner
- Social escort
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Companion - 5162
Countries that have a requirement to compile statistics on those who provide sexual services to clients on a commercial basis should include them in Unit Group 5169: Personal Services Workers Not Elsewhere Classified. If there is a need, in national adaptations of ISCO-08, to identify this group separately from other occupations included in Unit Group 5169, use of Unit Group code 5168 is recommended for this purpose.