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Operatorzy maszyn do produkcji wyrobów włókienniczych, futrzarskich i skórzanych





Textile, fur and leather products machine operators monitor and operate various types of machines which prepare, process and treat fibres, yarn, thread, leather or fur; produce, modify and repair footwear and garments; and manufacture or dry clean textiles, fur or light leather articles.
Tasks performed usually include: operating and monitoring weaving and knitting machines which process yarn or thread into woven, non-woven and knitted products; operating and monitoring machines which prepare fibres, and spin, double, twist and wind yarn and thread from natural textile fibres; operating and monitoring sewing machines to make, repair, darn and renovate textile, fur, synthetic or leather garments or embroider ornamental designs on garments or other materials; operating and monitoring machines which bleach, shrink, dye and otherwise treat fibres, yarn and cloth, or which dry clean garments, fur, rugs and carpets; operating and monitoring various machines which prepare leather or treat fur- or wool-bearing pelts; operating and monitoring machines which produce, modify and repair standard, custom or orthopaedic footwear and leather articles such as luggage, briefcases and handbags.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
8151 Fibre Preparing, Spinning and Winding Machine Operators
8152 Weaving and Knitting Machine Operators
8153 Sewing Machine Operators
8154 Bleaching, Dyeing and Fabric Cleaning Machine Operators
8155 Fur and Leather Preparing Machine Operators
8156 Shoemaking and Related Machine Operators
8157 Laundry Machine Operators
8159 Textile, Fur and Leather Products Machine Operators Not Elsewhere Classified

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