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Technicy i inny średni personel





Technicians and associate professionals perform technical and related tasks connected with research and the application of scientific or artistic concepts and operational methods, and government or business regulations. Competent performance in most occupations in this major group requires skills at the third ISCO skill level.
Tasks performed by technicians and associate professionals usually include: undertaking and carrying out technical work connected with research and the application of concepts and operational methods in the fields of physical sciences including engineering and technology, life sciences including the medical profession, and social sciences and humanities; initiating and carrying out various technical services related to trade, finance and administration including administration of government laws and regulations, and to social work; providing technical support for the arts and entertainment; participating in sporting activities; executing some religious tasks. Supervision of other workers may be included.
Occupations in this major group are classified into the following sub-major groups:
31 Science and Engineering Associate Professionals
32 Health Associate Professionals
33 Business and Administration Associate Professionals
34 Legal, Social, Cultural and Related Associate Professionals
35 Information and Communications Technicians

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