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Gospodarze budynków i domów





Building and housekeeping supervisors coordinate, schedule and supervise the work of cleaners and other housekeeping staff in commercial, industrial and residential premises. They take responsibility for housekeeping and caretaking functions in hotels, offices, apartments, houses and private dwellings.
Tasks performed usually include: assigning tasks and inspecting building areas to see that cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance work has been done properly; issuing of supplies and equipment and inventory stocks to ensure that the supplies on hand are adequate; screening and hiring job applicants; training both new and experienced employees; recommending promotions, transfers or dismissals; performing some cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance tasks.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
5151 Cleaning and Housekeeping Supervisors in Offices, Hotels and Other Establishments
5152 Domestic Housekeepers
5153 Building Caretakers

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