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inginerie chimică și procese chimice



Chemical engineering and processes is the study of planning, designing, and developing products and processes where chemical and physical changes occur. It includes designing chemical plants and control systems.
Programmes and qualifications with the following main content are classified here:
Chemical engineering
Chemical process engineering
Laboratory technology
Oil/gas/petrochemicals processing
Plant and machine operation (processing)
Process technology

=== Inclusions
Laboratory technology is included here if emphasis is not given to a specific application.

=== Exclusions
Laboratory technology is excluded from this detailed field if emphasis is given to a specific application (biological, medical, etc.) and is included under the appropriate detailed field (0914 etc.). Biotechnology is excluded from this detailed field and included in detailed field 0512 'Biochemistry'.
Programmes and qualifications with emphasis on the production of a specific material are excluded from this detailed field (e.g. studies with emphasis on paper processing should be included in detailed field 0722 'Materials (glass, paper, plastic, wood)'.

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