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Kartografi a zememerači





Cartographers and surveyors determine the exact position of, or prepare and revise digital, graphic and pictorial maps, charts or other visual representation of, natural and constructed features and boundaries of land, seas, underground areas and celestial bodies, applying scientific and mathematical principles.
Tasks include -
(a) surveying, measuring and describing land surfaces, mines, underground surfaces, sea, river and lake beds;
(b) noting exact position of various features and recording survey data in digital form;
(c) making charts and maps to be used in determining navigable waters and channels and in planning construction of marine structures;
(d) planning and conducting aerial photographic surveys;
(e) designing, compiling and revising maps and charts using aerial and other photographs, satellite imagery, survey documents and data, existing maps and records, reports and statistics;
(f) undertaking research and development of surveying and photogrammetric measurement systems, cadastral systems and land information systems;
(g) studying and advising on technical, aesthetic and economic aspects of map production;
(h) maintaining technical liaison and consultancy with other relevant specialists.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Aerial surveyor
- Cadastral surveyor
- Cartographer
- Hydrographic surveyor
- Land surveyor
- Mine surveyor
- Photogrammetrist
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Quantity surveyor - 2149
- Building surveyor - 3112
- Marine surveyor - 3115

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