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Commercial sales representatives represent companies to sell various goods and services to businesses and other organizations and provide product specific information as required.
Tasks include -
(a) soliciting orders and selling goods to retail, industrial, wholesale and other establishments;
(b) selling equipment, supplies and related services to business establishments or individuals;
(c) obtaining and updating knowledge of market conditions and of employer’s and competitors’ goods and services;
(d) providing prospective customers with information about the characteristics and functions of the products and equipment for sale, and demonstrating its use or qualities;
(e) quoting prices and credit terms, recording orders and arranging deliveries;
(f) reporting customers’ reactions and requirements to suppliers and manufacturers;
(g) following up clients to ensure satisfaction with products purchased.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- After-sales service adviser
- Canvasser
- Commercial traveller
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Sales manager - 1221
- Medical sales representative - 2433
- Technical sales representative - 2433
- Information and communications technology sales professional - 2434
- Shop sales assistant - 5223
- Door-to-door sales representative - 5243

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