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Industrial and production engineers conduct research and design, organize and oversee the construction, operation and maintenance of industrial production processes and installations. They establish programmes for the coordination of manufacturing activities and assess cost effectiveness and safety.
Tasks include -
(a) studying functional statements, organizational charts and project information to determine functions and responsibilities of workers and work units and to identify areas of duplication;
(b) establishing work measurement programmes and analysing work samples to develop standards for labour utilization;
(c) analysing workforce utilization, facility layout, operational data and production schedules and costs to determine optimum worker and equipment efficiencies;
(d) developing specifications for manufacture, and determining materials, equipment, piping, material flows, capacities and layout of plant and systems;
(e) organizing and managing project labour and the delivery of materials, plant and equipment;
(f) establishing standards and policies for installation, modification, quality control, testing, inspection and maintenance according to engineering principles and safety regulations;
(g) inspecting plant to improve and maintain performance;
(h) directing the maintenance of plant buildings and equipment, and coordinating the requirements for new designs, surveys and maintenance schedules;
(i) advising management on new production methods, techniques and equipment;
(j) liaising with materials buying, storing and controlling departments to ensure a steady flow of supplies.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Industrial efficiency engineer
- Industrial engineer
- Industrial plant engineer
- Production engineer
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Manufacturing production manager - 1321

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