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medicinska diagnostična in terapevtska tehnologija



Medical diagnostic and treatment technology is the study of a wide range of technologies used for diagnosing and treating diseases and handicaps.
Programmes and qualifications with the following main content are classified here:
Ambulance technology
Hearing aid technology
Medical laboratory technology
Optical technology
Prosthetic technology
Radiology technology
X-ray technology (medical)

=== Exclusions
Study of laboratory technology is excluded from this detailed field if emphasis is not given to medical laboratory technology. General laboratory technology is included in detailed field 0711 'Chemical engineering and processes'. Laboratory technology where emphasis is given to other specific applications (biology, chemistry, physics etc) is included in the appropriate detailed field (0511, 0531, 0533 etc.).
Study of dental technology is excluded from this detailed field and included in detailed field 0911 'Dental studies'.


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