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Continuous improvement of ESCO

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This document is part of internal ESCO publications designed to enhance stakeholders' understanding, use and development of ESCO. 

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Continuous improvement workflow for ESCO:

This document describes the workflow for the continuous improvement of the ESCO classification. This includes updates of concepts and terms. It does not cover changes in the ESCO methodology such as new functionality or changes of ESCO the data model.

The document explains the workflow for changing the content and publishing the updated classification by describing the entire process for one updating cycle. It names the process steps, the expected inputs and outputs, the actors involved and the tools and techniques that can be used. The document does not include the step of developing and implementing a communications plan for an updated version of ESCO.


Key perfomance indicators for the continuous improvement of ESCO:

This document helps assess how is ESCO performing in the tools and services that people use. It also allows to see if the language and terms used in ESCO are a good fit for the job market. By gathering feedback and staying updated on the latest job market trends related to skills and jobs, ESCO cab ne better and more effective.

Continuous improvement workflow for ESCO
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Key perfomance indicators for the continuous improvement of ESCO
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