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Tull-, taxerings- och socialförsäkringstjänstemän m.fl.





Government regulatory associate professionals administer, enforce or apply relevant government rules and regulations relating to national borders, taxes and social benefits; investigate facts and circumstances relating to crimes; and issue or examine applications for licences or authorizations in connection with travel, exports and imports of goods, establishment of businesses, erection of buildings and other activities subject to government regulations.
Tasks performed usually include: patrolling national borders and checking persons and vehicles, travel and transport documents and goods transported across the border to ensure enforcement of government rules and regulations; examining tax returns to determine taxes payable by persons and businesses; examining and deciding on applications for social benefits; examining and deciding on applications for government authorizations and licences necessary to travel, export or import goods, erect buildings, establish businesses or undertake other activities subject to government regulations; monitoring the application of price, wage or weights and measures regulations; obtaining and verifying evidence; interviewing witnesses and suspects; and analysing documents and computer files. They may receive guidance from senior government officials or managers. Supervision of other workers may be included.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
3351 Customs and Border Inspectors
3352 Government Tax and Excise Officials
3353 Government Social Benefits Officials
3354 Government Licensing Officials
3355 Police Inspectors and Detectives
3359 Government Regulatory Associate Professionals Not Elsewhere Classified

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