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Övrig kontors- och kundservicepersonal





This unit group covers clerical support workers not classified elsewhere in Major Group 4: Clerical Support Workers. For instance, the group includes correspondence clerks, press clippers and publication clerks.
In such cases tasks would include -
(a) receiving customers’ orders for classified advertising, writing and editing copy, calculating advertising rates and billing customers;
(b) writing business and government correspondence such as replies to requests for information and assistance, damage claims, credit and billing inquiries and service complaints;
(c) assisting in the preparation of periodicals, advertisements, catalogues, directories and other material for publication;
(d) reading newspapers, magazines, press releases and other publications to locate and file articles of interest to staff and clients.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Advertising clerk
- Correspondence clerk
- Directory compiler
- Press clipper
- Publication clerk

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