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Finance managers plan, direct and coordinate the financial operations of an enterprise or organization, in consultation with senior managers and with managers of other departments or sections, or of enterprises that provide financial services to other enterprises and organizations.
Tasks include -
(a) planning, directing and coordinating the financial operations of an enterprise or organization;
(b) assessing the financial situation of the enterprise or organization, preparing budgets and overseeing financial operations;
(c) consulting with the chief executive and with managers of other departments or sections;
(d) establishing and managing budgets, controlling expenditure and ensuring the efficient use of resources;
(e) establishing and directing operational and administrative procedures;
(f) planning and directing daily operations;
(g) overseeing the selection, training and performance of staff;
(h) representing the enterprise or organization in dealings with outside bodies.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Company secretary
- Finance manager
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Financial institution branch manager - 1346
- Financial controller - 2411
- Management accountant - 2411

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