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Gjutare, svetsare, plåtslagare m.fl.





Sheet and structural metal workers, moulders and welders, and related workers, make moulds and cores for casting metal, weld and cut metal parts, make and repair articles of sheet metal, and install, erect, maintain and repair heavy metal structures, tackle, cable cars and related equipment.
Tasks performed usually include: making moulds and cores for casting metal; casting, welding and shaping metal parts; making and repairing articles of sheet metal such as sheet steel, copper, tin or brass; installing, erecting, maintaining and repairing heavy metal structures as well as tackle, cable cars and related equipment.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
7211 Metal Moulders and Coremakers
7212 Welders and Flame Cutters
7213 Sheet Metal Workers
7214 Structural Metal Preparers and Erectors
7215 Riggers and Cable Splicers

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