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Städare i privata hem, på hotell och kontor m.m.





Domestic, hotel and office cleaners and helpers sweep, vacuum clean, wash, polish, take care of household linen and purchase household supplies; perform various tasks in order to keep clean and tidy the interiors and fixtures of hotels, offices and other establishments, as well as of aircraft, trains, buses and similar vehicles.
Tasks performed usually include: sweeping or vacuum cleaning; washing and polishing floors, furniture and other objects in hotels, offices and other establishments; making beds, supplying towels, soap and related items; helping with preparation of meals and washing dishes; cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
9111 Domestic Cleaners and Helpers
9112 Cleaners and Helpers in Offices, Hotels and Other Establishments

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