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Менеджери послуг, не віднесені до інших категорій





This unit group covers managers that plan, direct and coordinate the provision of services and are not classified in Sub-major Group 13: Production and Specialized Services Managers or elsewhere in Sub-major Group 14: Hospitality, Retail and Other Services Managers. For instance, managers of travel agencies, conference centres, contact centres and shopping centres are classified here.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Camp site manager
- Caravan park manager
- Conference centre manager
- Contact centre manager
- Shopping centre manager
- Travel agency manager
Excluded from this unit group are occupations that involve managing the provision of specialized professional and technical services and require specialized qualifications and experience relevant to one or more occupations classified in Major Group 2: Professionals or in Major Group 3: Technicians and Associate Professionals. These managerial occupations are classified in various unit groups in Sub-major Groups 12: Administrative and Commercial Managers and 13: Production and Specialized Services Managers.

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