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Riggers and cable splicers





Riggers and cable splicers assemble rigging gear to move and position equipment and structural components, or install and maintain cables, ropes and wires on construction sites, buildings or other structures.
Tasks include -
(a) estimating the size, shape and weight of objects to be moved and deciding on the type of equipment to move them;
(b) installing and repairing cables, ropes, wires, pulleys and other tackle;
(c) joining, repairing and fitting attachments to wires, ropes and cables;
(d) working as member of a crew erecting and repairing derricks for drilling water, gas and oil wells;
(e) lifting and mounting scenery, lighting and other equipment in theatres and on film sets;
(f) installing and maintaining communication towers, aerial cableways, funicular railways, ski lifts and similar infrastructure.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Cable and rope splicer
- Rigger
- Ship rigger
- Theatrical rigger
- Tower rigger

Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Cable splicing machine operator - 8189
- Crane, hoist and related plant operators - 8343

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