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CEPS - Pub
Green and Digital skills
Research papers
Jobs for the Green Transition: Definitions, classifications and emerging trends

Author: CEPS (Patricia Urban, Vasileios Rizos, Alexandre Ounnas, Amin Kassab, Hayk Kalantaryan)

V12. PUB
ESCO v1.2: Consultation on the pre-release

This document is part of internal ESCO publications designed to enhance stakeholders' understanding, use and development of ESCO.

PES net op paper
Digital credentials
Qualifications & learning outcomes
Skills monitoring
PES Network Opinion paper: A contribution to the European Year of Skills

Author: The European Network of Public Employment Services

oecd langauge
Ontology management
The demand for language skills in the European labour market

Authors: Marconi, G., L. Vergolini and F. Borgonovi (OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers)

Ontology management
Skills monitoring
Research papers
Global skills gaps measurement and monitoring: Towards a collaborative framework

Authors: ILO and OECD