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Religious professionals





Religious professionals function as perpetuators of sacred traditions, practices and beliefs. They conduct religious services, celebrate or administer the rites of a religious faith or denomination, provide spiritual and moral guidance and perform other functions associated with the practice of a religion.
Tasks include -
(a) perpetuating sacred traditions, practices and beliefs;
(b) conducting religious services, rites and ceremonies;
(c) undertaking various administrative and social duties, including participating in committees and meetings of religious organizations;
(d) providing spiritual and moral guidance in accordance with the religion professed;
(e) propagating religious doctrines in own country or abroad;
(f) preparing and presenting religious sermons;
(g) developing and directing study courses and religious education programmes;
(h) counselling individuals regarding interpersonal, health, financial and religious problems;
(i) scheduling and participating in special events such as camps, conferences, seminars and retreats.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Bonze
- Imam
- Minister of religion
- Poojari
- Priest
- Rabbi
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Lay preacher - 3413
- Monk - 3413
- Nun - 3413
Members of religious orders whose work involves performing the tasks of other occupations, for example as teachers, nurses or welfare support workers, should be classified according to the main tasks and duties performed in the job.

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