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Digital Skills and Knowledge Concepts: Labelling the ESCO classification

Green and Digital skills
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This document is a part of internal ESCO publications designed to improve ESCO's understanding and development.


ESCO identifies and categorises skills, competences and occupations relevant for the European labour market. It systematically describes the skills needed to perform an occupation, and it supports the provision of multilingual labour market services and the design of training programs and curricula, with the goal of bridging the communication gap between the labour market and the domain of education and training. In its current version1 , ESCO includes 13890 skills and knowledge concepts available in 28 languages.

Such a rich dataset can be further broken down by looking at the reusability level of a skill or knowledge concepts or at their nature. In particular, a green label was introduced in 2022 to identify the skills needed in a green economy.

ESCO version 1.1.1 introduced the label of digital skills, thus providing an additional element in support of the twin transition. This document describes methodology designed and adopted to label digital skills, the results of this exercise, and guides implementers in their use of ESCO digital concepts.

Digital Skills and Knowledge Concepts: Labelling the ESCO classification
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