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ESCO is now available in the Ukrainian language!


The Commission is launching today ESCO into Ukrainian.

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As part of EU’s strategy to help Member States meet the needs of Ukrainian refugees, The Commission is launching today ESCO into Ukrainian, making all the ESCO occupations and skills available into another non-EU language but always free of charge and open source. The translation has been produced thanks to the invaluable effort of the European Training Foundation (ETF), an EU agency dedicated to human capital development in the EU external service, who promptly mobilized their network of Ukrainian experts for this purpose.

The availability of ESCO into Ukrainian marks a major milestone towards supporting Member States and other relevant stakeholders (such as HR software providers, Public employment services, career counsellors, etc) to facilitate the integration of Ukrainians into the labour market and their access to education. ESCO supports both public and private initiatives that improve labour market mobility and the efficiency of job-matching for all jobseekers. Correctly assessing the abilities of a jobseeker can make a difference towards a quality employment. The ESCO taxonomy, with its more than 13 thousand skills and knowledge concepts, can be a useful tool in doing so. The use cases served by ESCO target any civil, public or private organisation that wishes to leverage up-to-date skills data in facilitating employment for people arriving to the EU through:

  • Assessing, documenting and matching  people to jobs via online platforms such as Europass and Eures;
  • Performing big data analysis of skills and occupational trends such as ETF’s work in Ukraine to inform policy-makers, training providers and end users. Here you can acces the three dashboards Ukraine general, PES dashboard and Lviv specific (using the following credentials Username:; Password: ETF_ua_123).

To use the Ukrainian (UK) version of ESCO, you can download the file from the ESCO portal, in the Download section.

Moreover, the ESCO team warmly offers technical support and peer-learning assistance regarding any other projects related to smoothening the integration of migrants into the European labour market so don't hesitate to reach out to us at   

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