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Have your say: Public consultation on European Qualifications Framework

Share your views by 22 March 2023!

The European Commission invites everyone to take part in the public consultations on the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning which serves as a translation tool to better understand national qualifications and make them more comparable.

It is a common reference framework of eight levels, expressed as learning outcomes with increasing levels of proficiency. Countries map their national qualifications frameworks to the EQF levels, which helps understand what a qualification obtained in another country means.

This public consultaions will contribute to the evaluation of the EQF by finding out:

  • how the EQF has been used
  • what are its benefits
  • and how it can be improved


It invites opinions from stakeholders in the fields of employment, education and training, and civil society as well as from workers, students, and employers. The responses will help in describing developments, clarifying how the EQF is implemented, and identify areas for improvement. The European Commission therefore invites everyone to answer, regardless of whether they had previously heard of the EQF or not.

Share your views by replying to the public consultation, open until 22 March 2023!


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