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Tecnici forestali





Forestry technicians perform technical and supervisory functions in support of forestry research and forest management, harvesting, resource conservation and environmental protection.
Tasks include -
(a) conducting forest inventories, surveys and field measurements following accepted scientific and operational procedures;
(b) assisting in and performing technical functions in the preparation of forest management and harvest plans using photogrammetric and mapping techniques and computerized information systems;
(c) assisting in planning and supervision of construction of access routes and forest roads;
(d) implementing, supervising and performing technical functions in silvicultural operations involving site preparation, planting, and tending of tree crops;
(e) coordinating activities such as timber scaling, forest fire suppression, disease or insect control or pre-commercial thinning of forest stands;
(f) supervising and performing technical functions in forest harvesting operations;
(g) ensuring adherence to regulations and policies concerning environmental protection, resource utilization, fire safety and accident prevention;
(h) supervising forest tree nursery operations;
(i) providing technical support to forestry research programmes in areas such as tree improvement, seed orchard operations, insect and disease surveys or experimental forestry and forest engineering research;
(j) preparing forest cultivation and cutting plans.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Forestry technician
- Silviculture technician

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