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Green Skills and Knowledge Concepts: Labelling in the ESCO classification

A new feature in the ESCO classification!

The European Union (EU) is pursuing the ambitious goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. To transform the economy for a sustainable future, Member States plan to stimulate the creation of green jobs and continue cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The European Classification of Occupations, Skills ad Competences (ESCO) responds to this call to action, supporting the transition in the labour market. As workers need a skill set that can respond to the need of reducing emissions in working practices, the Skills/Competences pillar has been enriched with the additional information at skill level to distinguish green skills and knowledge concepts. This means that within the whole dataset of ESCO skills, some can now be filtered as green. ESCO also provides information such as their reusability type and are linked with occupations. All the concepts are translated in 27 languages and are available free of charge in different formats.

ESCO green skills and knowledge concepts can be accessed via different channels. As of January 2022, a document (.xlsx format) listing all the green concepts can be downloaded in the Download Section. The report Green Skills and Knowledge Concepts: Labelling the ESCO classification provides information concerning the methodology employed to label green concepts, a list of use cases and more detailed on the useful sources available.

May you have any question, please contact us via email at, use our hashtag #ESCO_EU and join our online forum.