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Since it's official publication in July 2017, a diverse range of stakeholders are interested in ESCO for a variety of use cases.

The main categories of ESCO stakeholders are:

  • Public employment services 
  • Private employment services 
  • Job portals 
  • Education institutions (universities, secondary schools, etc) 
  • Social partners 
  • IT Application developers 
  • HR departments of companies/organisations 
  • Ontology management companies 
  • Career advisors 
  • European institutions/bodies 
  • National/Regional/Local public administrations
  • Researchers and statisticians   
  • International organisations


Overview of ESCO's outreach


In the European Union, the majority of ESCO stakeholders (called ESCO implementers) are based in Europe and some have operations in multiple EU countries and/or languages. 

Internationally, ESCO is becoming increasingly known and used. Stakeholders tend to consider ESCO alongside O*NET as the standard framework on occupations and skills. 

The map below shows an overview of  ESCO implementers in the world.

Image depicting a world map illustrating global ESCO implementers. The map highlights that the majority of ESCO downloads originate from Europe, with significant downloads from North America and Oceania as well.



ESCO uptake by stakeholders

Visits to ESCO portal
Number of visits to the ESCO portal in 2023
ESCO implementers
Total number of known ESCO implementers in 2023
External publications using ESCO
The number of Google Scholar publications where ESCO is referenced
Downloads of ESCO
The number of times ESCO has been downloaded in 2023
Contacts via ESCO helpdesk
The number of inquiries on ESCO received in 2023
Online meeting with stakeholders
The number of video calls with ESCO stakeholders in 2023

Learn more


For more information about the stakeholders (ESCO implementers) actively using ESCO in their digital applications, projects or research, visit the ESCO implementers page.