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Miners and quarriers operate plant, machinery and hand tools to extract rocks, mineral ores and other deposits from underground and surface mines and quarries.
Tasks include -
(a) positioning, operating and monitoring the performance of a variety of underground and surface mining equipment including continuous mining, cutting and channelling plant;
(b) setting up and operating drilling equipment in underground and surface mines and quarries;
(c) operating machinery and using hand or power tools to remove loosened rock, ore, coal and other deposits;
(d) preparing, fitting and installing supports in underground workings including rock bolts;
(e) operating machinery to open new shafts, drives, air vents and rises;
(f) operating auxiliary plant such as pumps to expel air, water and mud;
(g) performing minor maintenance and repairs and lubricating and cleaning plant, machines and tools;
(h) completing records detailing operations completed during shifts;
(i) collecting mineral samples for laboratory analysis.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Bogger operator
- Continuous miner operator
- Dragline operator (mining)
- Driller (mining)
- Jumbo operator
- Miner
- Mining plant operator
- Quarrier
- Roof bolter (mining)
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Mining supervisor - 3121
- Blaster - 7542
- Shotfirer - 7542
- Driller (oil or gas well) - 8113
- Mining labourer - 9311
- Quarry labourer - 9311

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