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ESCO aims to enhance mobility across Europe by standardizing occupations and skills used in different countries, ensuring transparency and comparability of skills and occupations in Europe. ESCO facilitates an interconnected, digital European labour market by supporting three main broad use cases: job matching and searching, career guidance and learning management, and research and big data analysis of the labour market. In all of these use cases, ESCO serves as a versatile building block for developers, enabling the creation of diverse applications and tools that offer services such as auto-complete, suggestion systems, job search and job matching algorithms, career progression platforms, learning management systems (LMS), skill assessment platforms, occupational mobility apps, and more.


To make ESCO accessible to a wide range of users and allow seamless integration into various services, ESCO is published as Linked Open Data. This means that the data is openly available and interconnected, fostering collaboration and interoperability. The ESCO classification can be accessed through two primary methods:

API Icon presenting computer connected with data on blue background


Access ESCO classification through two types of Application Program Interface (API):

  • an ESCO web-service API
  • an ESCO Local API
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