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Ħaddiema involuti f’servizzi personali oħra





Other personal services workers recount past and predict future events in persons’ lives, provide companionship and other personal services, groom, train and care for animals, provide embalming and funeral services and train people to drive vehicles.
Tasks performed usually include: casting horoscopes; providing companionship or valet services and other personal services to clients; providing embalming and funeral services; feeding, handling, training and grooming animals; instructing students under actual driving conditions.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
5161 Astrologers, Fortune-tellers and Related Workers
5162 Companions and Valets
5163 Undertakers and Embalmers
5164 Pet Groomers and Animal Care Workers
5165 Driving Instructors
5169 Personal Services Workers Not Elsewhere Classified

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