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Monterzy aparatury, maszyn i sprzętu elektrycznego i sprzętu elektronicznego





Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers assemble or modify, according to procedures strictly laid down, components of electrical, electromechanical and electronic equipment.
Tasks include -
(a) assembling component parts and electrical and electronic systems and positioning, aligning and fastening units to assemblies, subassemblies or frames using hand or power tools, soldering and micro-welding equipment.;
(b) reviewing work orders, specifications, diagrams and drawings to determine materials needed and assembly instructions;
(c) recording production and operational data on specified forms;
(d) operating wire-coiling machines to wind wire coils used in electrical equipment and components such as registers, transformers, armature wires, electric motors and generators;
(e) inspecting and testing completed components and assemblies, wiring installations and circuits, and rejecting faulty assembly components.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Armature assembler
- Electrical equipment assembler
- Electromechanical equipment assembler
- Electronic equipment assembler
- Etcher (printed circuit board)
- Telephone assembler
- Television assembler
- Watch assembler
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Precision-instrument maker - 7311
- Electronics mechanics and servicer - 7421

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