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ESCO v1 is the first full-scale ESCO version. Was released in mid 2017.

Different from the previous ESCO versions which have versioning numbers starting with 0 (zero), it is not only recommended for piloting and testing, but also for systems in production that deliver services to end users. As of this version, a versioning mechanism will keep track of changes in ESCO.


  • 1 Content of ESCO v1
  • 2 Development of ESCO v1
  • 3 ESCO v1.0.1
  • 4 ESCO v1.0.2
  • 5 ESCO v1.0.3
  • 6 ESCO v1.0.4
  • 7 ESCO v1.0.5
  • 8 ESCO v1.0.6
  • 9 ESCO v1.0.7
  • 10 ESCO v1.0.8


Content of ESCO v1

ESCO v1 follows the three pillar approach. It contained around 3,000 occupations, 13,500 knowledge, skill and competence concepts and a framework for the qualifications pillar. ESCO v1 is available in 27 languages.


Development of ESCO v1

Between ESCO v0 and ESCO v1, the content of the classification was entirely re-developed. The work took from 2011 until 2017. The ESCO Maintenance Committee oversaw the revision process.

The ESCO v1 data was developed following two approaches:


A Cross-sector Reference Group supported the horizontal development of the classification throughout the whole process.

ESCO v1.0.1

The ESCO v1.0.1 version was published in October 2017 and included the following changes:

  • Added hyperlinks to scope notes
  • Corrected regulated profession statement (1 of 2 statements was missing in v1.0)
  • Changed reuse level of skills/competences that are related only to one occupation into 'occupation-specific'
  • Imported remaining ISCED-F translations
  • Most hidden terms are removed in the EN version and will be made available as a separate module
  • Added qualifications provided by the Latvian qualifications database
  • Corrected typos in some labels
  • Corrected some hierarchical relations
  • Updated some language packs to integrate the feedback of the Member States


ESCO v1.0.2

The ESCO v1.0.2 version was published in December 2017 and included the following changes:

  • Corrected the reusage level of the skill 'entrepreneurship'
  • Updated the description of some concepts related to psychotherapy, in line with feedback received from stakeholders
  • Improvements to the modelling of terms related to software products
  • Added downloadable language files for ESCO in Arabic and in American English. The language files are not yet included in the API and ESCO portal.


ESCO v1.0.3

The ESCO v1.0.3 version was published in April 2018 and included the following changes:

  • Some typos have been corrected in the descriptions of the occupations and skills, sometimes adapting them to make them more consistent (in some cases as a result of stakeholders' feedback)
  • Some relations have been changed between occupations and ISCO groups, in agreement with the ILO (some occupations now have a different ISCO code)
  • The Arabic version is now fully integrated in the dataset and in the portal (and supported by the API)
  • Some non-preferred terms have been fine-tuned
  • Some preferred terms for the software products have been amended (contextualisation was added to some software names to make them more clear to users)


ESCO v1.0.4

The ESCO v1.0.4 version was published in May 2019 and included the following change:

  • Gender labels correction for the usage within the ESCO API


ESCO v1.0.5

The ESCO v1.0.5 version was published in May 2020 and included the following changes:

  • Display of the skills hierarchy in the ESCO portal. The hierarchy is available in the skill section and can be downloaded in the download page
  • Inclusion of the skills hierarchy in the API
  • Update of privacy statement and API page with the enclosure of information on tracking activity in the English language
  • Inclusion of parent concepts until root in API response
  • Addition of bulk operations to the API
  • Revision of the text on skills and reference to O*NET and the Canadian glossary


ESCO v1.0.6

The ESCO v1.0.6 version was published in July 2020 and included the following changes:

  • Some typos and spelling mistakes have been fixed in the English version of skills and knowledge concepts
  • Some hidden terms and non-preferred terms of language concepts have been removed
  • Inclusion of the labels of the skills hierarchy that were not translated
  • Data in qualifications pillar migrated to Europass
  • Some changes in the download section of the ESCO portal


ESCO v1.0.7

The ESCO v1.0.7 version was published in July 2020 and included the following changes:

  • Inclusion of translations of the descriptions of ESCO concepts
  • Some preferred terms of skills and occupations have been corrected


ESCO v1.0.8

The ESCO v1.0.8 version was published in August 2020 and included the following changes:

  • Corrections in the translation of descriptions, labels, ISCO groups and NPTs in various languages