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Journalists research, investigate, interpret and communicate news and public affairs through newspapers, television, radio and other media.
Tasks include -
(a) collecting local, national and international news through interviews, investigation and observation, attending public events, seeking out records, reviewing written work, attending film and stage performances;
(b) collecting, reporting and commenting on news and current affairs for publication in newspapers and periodicals, or for broadcasting by radio, television or webcast media;
(c) receiving, analysing and verifying news and other copy for accuracy;
(d) interviewing politicians and other public figures at press conferences and on other occasions, including individual interviews recorded for radio, television or webcast media;
(e) researching and reporting on developments in specialized fields such as medicine, science and technology;
(f) writing editorials and commentaries on topics of current interest to stimulate public interest and express the views of a publication or broadcasting station;
(g) writing critical reviews of literary, musical and other artistic works based on knowledge, judgement and experience for newspapers, television, radio and other media;
(h) selecting material for publication, checking style, grammar, accuracy and legality of content and arranging for any necessary revisions;
(i) liaising with production staff in checking final proof copies immediately prior to printing;
(j) selecting, assembling and preparing publicity material about business or other organizations for issue through press, radio, television and other media.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Journalist
- Newspaper editor
- Newspaper reporter
- Sports writer
- Sub editor
- TV/radio news producer
- TV/radio news reporter,
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Public relations officer - 2432
- Author - 2641
- Book editor - 2641
- Photo journalist -3431
- Camera operator - 3521

Narrower occupations

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