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Trabalhadores não qualificados da indústria extractiva, da construção, da indústria transformadora e dos transportes





Labourers in mining, construction, manufacturing and transport perform simple and routine manual tasks in mining, quarrying, civil engineering, building, manufacturing, transport and storage operations, and operate human-powered and animal-drawn vehicles and machinery. Most occupations in this sub-major group require skills at the first ISCO skill level.
Task performed by workers in this sub-major group usually include: digging holes and spreading excavated materials, sand, soil and gravel using hand-held tools; sorting, loading, unloading, moving, stacking and storing materials, equipment, products, supplies, baggage and cargo by hand; cleaning machinery, equipment, tools and work sites; packing and unpacking material and products and filling containers and shelves with products by hand; operating human-powered and animal-drawn vehicles and machinery.
Occupations in this sub-major group are classified into the following minor groups:
931 Mining and Construction Labourers
932 Manufacturing Labourers
933 Transport and Storage Labourers

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