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Пекарі, кондитери та виробники конфет





Bakers, pastry-cooks and confectionery makers make various kinds of bread, cakes, and other flour products, as well as handmade chocolate and sugar confectionery.
Tasks include -
(a) making bread, cakes, biscuits, pastries, pies and other flour products;
(b) making handmade confectionery from mixtures of sugar, chocolate and other ingredients, using hand tools and some machines;
(c) combining measured ingredients in bowls of mixing, blending or cooking machinery;
(d) checking the quality of raw materials to ensure that standards and specifications are met;
(e) applying glazes, icings or other toppings to baked goods, using spatulas or brushes;
(f) checking the cleanliness of equipment and operation of premises before production runs to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations;
(g) monitoring oven temperatures and product appearance to determine baking times;
(h) coordinating the forming, loading, baking, unloading, de-panning and cooling of batches of bread, rolls, pastry and confectionery products.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Baker
- Chocolate maker
- Confectioner
- Pastry-cook
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Cook - 5120
- Bakery products machine operator - 8160
- Bread production machine operator - 8160
- Chocolate production machine operator - 8160

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