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технік із підйомно-транспортувального обладнання





Lift technicians set lifts into a prepared framed hoist-way. They install support assembly, set up the lift pump or motor, piston or cable, and mechanism. Lift technicians connect the necessary electronic elements to complete the installation and connection of the lift cabin. They also perform the necessary steps to inspect and repair lifts, as well as the shaft and any associated electronics. Lift technicians make sure every inspection and report action is noted in a log book, and report to the client on the state of the serviced lift.

Scope note

Includes people working in installation and maintenance of escalators, stair lifts and other electronic transport equipment.

Regulatory Aspect

To see if and how this occupation is regulated in EU Member States, EEA countries or Switzerland please consult the Regulated Professions Database of the Commission. Regulated Professions Database:

Skills & Competences