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Bediener von Anlagen für den Bergbau und die Mineralaufbereitung





Mining and mineral processing plant operators monitor and operate plant and machinery and operate hand tools to extract rocks and minerals from the earth, process minerals and stone, drill wells and bores, and manufacture and finish cement and stone products.
Tasks performed usually include: setting up, operating and monitoring a variety of mining and mineral processing plant and machinery such as drilling rigs and auxiliary machines and equipment, continuous mining machinery, and cutting, crushing, grinding, pumping and mixing plant and machinery; operating washing, separating, extracting and combining equipment to remove waste and recover minerals; operating plant and machinery to make cement, concrete, artificial stone, and precast concrete and stone products; monitoring the performance of a variety of plant and machinery, detecting malfunctions and taking corrective action; performing plant and machinery maintenance, repairs and cleaning; and maintaining production records.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
8111 Miners and Quarriers
8112 Mineral and Stone Processing Plant Operators
8113 Well Drillers and Borers and Related Workers
8114 Cement, Stone and Other Mineral Products Machine Operators
Mining supervisors are classified in Unit Group 3121: Mining Supervisors.

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