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Κτίστες και ασκούντες συναφή επαγγέλματα π.δ.κ.α.





This unit group covers building frame and related trades workers not classified elsewhere in Minor Group 711: Building Frame and Related Trades Workers. For instance, the unit group includes steeplejacks, scaffolders and demolition workers.
In such cases tasks would include -
(a) climbing and performing miscellaneous construction and building maintenance work on tall structures such as towers, chimneys and spires;
(b) erecting temporary metal or wooden scaffolding on building sites;
(c) demolishing buildings and other structures.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Building wrecker
- Prefabricated building assembler
- Scaffolder
- Skilled demolition worker
- Steeplejack
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Construction labourer (building work) - 9313
- Demolition labourer - 9313

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