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Photographic products machine operators





Photographic products machine operators operate and monitor equipment which makes photographic film and paper, and which processes exposed photographic film and makes prints.
Tasks include -
(a) operating and monitoring equipment which makes photographic film and paper;
(b) operating, monitoring and testing photographic processing and printing equipment, and maintaining operational standards;
(c) preparing exposed film for different processing batches in dark rooms and dark chambers;
(d) inspecting images, films and prints, and adjusting settings on printmaking equipment to produce the required colour, brightness, contrast, number, size and type of prints;
(e) adjusting settings and running automatic developing equipment;
(f) operating equipment to transfer film to videotape or other electronic media;
(g) performing photographic processing-related tasks;
(h) operating automatic equipment (in retail establishments) to develop colour negatives, prints and slides.
Examples of occupations classified here:
- Colour developer (film)
- Darkroom technician
- Developing machine operator (photography)
- Enlarging machine operator
- Photograph enlarger
- Photographic film machine operator
- Photographic film printer
- Photographic processor
- Photograph printer
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Photographer - 3431
- Photolithographer - 7321

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