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ESCO skills mapping pilot

The ESCO skills mapping pilot was a project to test the creation of mappings between national skill classification systems and ESCO.

The Commission conducted the project together with the public employment services of Austria and Sweden between January and April 2018. Belgium and Romania joined the pilot as observers.


Purpose of the skills mapping pilot was to understand the:

  • process and resource requirements for the creation of the correspondence tables of skills;
  • tools and/or services to support the mapping process;
  • level of interoperability between ESCO and national skill classifications and
  • level of interoperability among the national skill classifications during cross-border matching.



The methodology of the skills mapping pilot followed four basic steps:

  1. Identify the national skill classifications
  2. Select the skills subset
  3. Create the mappings
  4. Assess the results



Participants of the skills mapping pilot coordinated their work in three webinars and one final workshop: