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The full ESCO dataset can be downloaded in turtle format from the ESCO Service Portal. Turtle, which stands for Terse RDF Triple Language, is a format for expressing data according to the Resource Description Framework (RDF) model. The following simple example shows how Turtle groups and abbreviates three URIs to make a triple:

<> <> <>

Tools to work with Turtle

The current ESCO dataset contains around 6.5 million triples which is not convenient if you want to load it each time you want to use it. Therefore we suggest to install an RDF store and load the data in there, in case that for some reason you do not want to use the ESCO API which is the easiest way to integrate ESCO in your applications. You will then be able to query the data using SPARQL. For developers, the RDF store is also accessible from programs using an RDF library like JENA.

There are many RDF stores available on the internet. Among the free to use servers you can find for example Apache fuseki, which also happens to be the store that ESCO uses.

The full Turtle specification can be found in the W3C site, while a Turtle validator is available here. Finally a very nice and explanatory video showing how to use Turtle can be found in Youtube.