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ESCO v0 is the first public release of ESCO. This version is based on the EURES classification but includes an enhanced semantic structure, cross-sector skills and competences and an initial small sample of qualifications. It includes the results of the Cross-Sector Reference Group, but not yet any sectoral updates.

ESCO v0 contains 4 761 occupations, around 5 000 skills and competences as well as some qualifications. As each concept in ESCO exists in all ESCO languages this amounts to more than 250 000 terms.

The qualifications pillar in ESCO v0 contains a small sample list of qualifications regulated at European level, international qualifications and certificates and licences linked to tasks, technologies, occupations or sectors. The list will be further developed in the next releases of ESCO. In addition, National Qualifications databases developed by the Member States and referenced to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) will, in the future, feed into the development of ESCO.

ESCO v0 has been released in October 2013 on the ESCO Goes Live conference in Brussels. It is published on the ESCO portal, free of charge for everyone.