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OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS)

ODS is a type of Open Document Format for Office Applications. It stores data in cells that are organized into rows and columns. ODS files can also be opened in Microsoft Excel and saved as XLS or XLSX files.

ESCO data in ODS files

The partial ESCO dataset can be downloaded in OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS) from the ESCO Service Portal. Currently, the following data subsets can be downloaded in ODS format:


The ODS files with occupations and skills/competences concepts are mono-lingual. Any ESCO language can be selected before downloading the file.

Files with relationships contain the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and the preferred term (PT) in all ESCO languages of the concepts that are related to each other. If applicable, the files also include a note with additional information about the relationship.


Wikipedia: OpenDocument Spreadsheet

ODS File Extension