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Skill reusability level

The skills reusability level in ESCO indicates, how widely a knowledge, skill or competence concept can be applied. ESCO distinguishes four levels of skill reusability:


Transversal knowledge, skills and competences are relevant to a broad range of occupations and sectors. They are often referred to as core skillsbasic skills or soft skills, the cornerstone for the personal development of a person. Transversal knowledge, skills and competences are the building blocks for the development of the "hard" skills and competences required to succeed on the labour market.


"Work in teams", "office software", "negotiate compromise" and "communication" are relevant for many occupations in a broad range of sectors.



Cross-sector knowledge, skills and competences are of growing importance all over Europe. They are relevant to occupations across several economic sectors.


"Animal welfare" is relevant in the sectors "agriculture", "veterinary activities" and "amusement and recreation parcs".



Sector-specific knowledge, skills and competences are specific to one sector, but are relevant for more than one occupation within that sectors.


"Monitor livestock" is specific for the sector "husbandry and breeding".



Occupation-specific knowledge, skills and competences are usually applied only within one occupation and its specialisms.


"Milking operations" is specific for the occupation "farm milk controller".