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Meteorologists prepare short-term or long-term weather forecasts used in aviation, shipping, agriculture and other areas and for the information of the general public. They conduct research related to the composition, structure and dynamics of the atmosphere.
Tasks include -
(a) investigating direction and speed of air movements, pressures, temperatures, humidity, physical and chemical transformation of pollutants and other phenomena such as cloud formation and precipitation, electrical disturbances or solar radiation;
(b) studying data collected from meteorological stations, radar and satellite imagery and computer model output to plot and forecast weather conditions;
(c) preparing and reporting short-term or long-term weather maps, forecasts and warnings relating to atmospheric phenomena such as cyclones, storms and other hazards to life and property, and disseminating information about atmospheric conditions through a variety of media including radio, television, print and the Internet;
(d) conducting experiments in fog dispersal, cloud seeding, rain enhancement and other types of weather modification programmes;
(e) developing and testing mathematical computer models of weather and climate for experimental or operational use;
(f) participating in studies of the effect of weather on the environment;
(g) analysing the impact of industrial projects and human activity on the climate and quality of the air, and working with the social science, engineering and economic communities to develop appropriate mitigation strategies;
(h) engaging in the design and development of new equipment and procedures for meteorological data collection and remote sensing, or for related applications;
(i) conducting research on and improving or developing concepts, theories and operational methods related to the composition, structure and dynamics of the atmosphere, and preparing scientific papers and reports on the outcome of this research.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Climatologist
- Hydrometeorologist
- Meteorologist
- Weather forecaster


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