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Táncosok és koreográfusok





Dancers and choreographers conceive and create or perform dances.
Tasks include -
(a) conceiving and creating dances, which often convey a story, theme, idea or mood, by a pattern of steps, movements and gestures;
(b) performing dances as a soloist, with a partner or as a member of a dancing group before live audiences or for film, television or other visual media;
(c) training, exercising and attending dance classes to maintain the required levels of ability and fitness;
(d) directing and participating in rehearsals to practice dance steps and techniques required for a performance;
(e) auditioning for dance roles or for membership in dance companies;
(f) coordinating the production music with the music directors.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Choreographer
- Ballet dancer
- Night-club dancer
- Street dancer
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Dance teacher - 2355

Narrower occupations

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