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Zakelijke dienstverleners





Business services agents establish contacts to sell various business services such as advertising space in the media; carry out customs clearance activities ensuring that necessary documents are in order; match jobseekers with vacancies; find workers for employers; arrange contracts for the performance of athletes, entertainers and artists, as well as for the publication of books, the production of plays, or the recording, performance and sale of music; and plan and organize conferences and similar events.
Tasks performed usually include: carrying out customs clearance procedures for exports or imports; arranging and coordinating conference and event services, such as conference facilities, catering, signage, displays, audiovisual and computer equipment, accommodation, transport and social events for participants; matching jobseekers with vacancies; finding workers for vacant posts for employers; showing real estate properties to be sold or leased to prospective buyers or tenants and explaining terms of sale or conditions of rent or lease; selling by auction various kinds of property, cars, commodities, livestock, art, jewellery and other objects; arranging contracts for performers and performances.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
3331 Clearing and Forwarding Agents
3332 Conference and Event Planners
3333 Employment Agents and Contractors
3334 Real Estate Agents and Property Managers
3339 Business Services Agents Not Elsewhere Classified